Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hidden Misssions

Oh,  it has been 2 months for me being here, in Jakarta! I am going to stay  for another 4 months. Staying here reminds me of my master-degree live. It was a study-oriented life. Work hard, play hard. But, eat shouldn't be the hardest part, right? It should be the easiest part of life. :P

I will tell you about my personal target in this program! Now i am really serious in changing at least two things in my live. In my short speech when i would like to go to Jakarta last April, I said to my colleagues in TIP UB that I would like to increase my IELTS score significantly. Moreover, I would like to change the direction of my scale to the left. Definitely, to the left! Hehe. It was my mom, who really felt annoyed with my overweight. :P

Slowly but sure, I managed to increase my IELTS score but it not that significant, actually. Not bad. But listening is still become my big burden! Do I need to go to see the doctor or go for ear candling? Hehe. Moreover, I also need to add more power on my punches! Say like: add "Bang" instead of "Blup,, blup,,," in the end of my writing.  And also improve my speech with less grammatical errors and use broader range of vocabulary. (><). I will do this,, I can do this!!!yeaaaaaaaaaaah!

Lovely mates and tutor of mine. :*
My next mission is to make my body all muscle! No fat! Hehe. My friend helps me to control my eating pattern. Amie. Her name is Amie. She managed to loose her weight by 12 kgs a month. I guess I get the right tutor here. IELTS and weight loose tutor to succeed my hidden mission. hehe. :p

Bye-bye for now!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Mbak Rani Nyanyi 'Cantik' (Kahitna)

Mbak Rani beraksi kembali. :) Kali ini mau nyanyi 'Cantik'-nya Kahitna. Tapi harus dibujuk dulu. Agak gak pede nih. :)

Tapi akhirnya mau juga nyanyi, walaupun putus-putus. Hehe. 
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